Shantimaya is a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, started his spiritual journey in 2004 when he was introduced by his Acarya Ganadevananda to Ananda Marga; a spiritual and social movement which stands for self-realization and service to others.
Ananda Marga was founded by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti; Shantimaya’s guru and spiritual guide.
All teachings by Shantimaya are based on knowledge and inspiration from his guru.
Soon after joining Ananda Marga Shantimaya embraced a monk lifestyle and spent few years in Ananda Marga monastery yoga & meditation training center in Sweden and in India and after graduation he worked as a charity monk for some years. During those years he worked in different countries; in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Malta, Germany, Norway and Sweden, where he was teaching yoga & meditation and engaged in some charity and social work.

During his two years stay in Malta Shantimaya started a campaign to promote vegetarian lifestyle and sentient diet; a diet that supports the body and the mind development and which is violent free sparing the lives of animals. That was his inspiration when he wrote and released his vegetarian cooking book ‘Kitchen of Love’
From the start of Shantimaya’s spiritual journey he was introduced to homeopathy as a system of medicine, and being very fascinated with the results he was inspired to study homeopathy and over the following years he was educated by his homeopathy teacher Ellen Kramer and graduated as a homeopath from CPH, the college of practical homeopathy. He has been working with homeopathy in many countries, helping hundreds of patients in Lebanon, Malta, Cyprus and Norway. He also taught basic homeopathy for locals so they can help their families and friends independently. Currently Shantimaya is running his homeopathy clinic in Stockholm.
Shantimaya has been part of many yoga and meditation retreats, as a organizer or a teacher, and has been teaching yoga and meditation to many during these past years.
For the last three years he has been living in Stockholm where he started Bliss Cafe as a result of an inspiration to manifest all the different interests in spirituality, health and diet and integrate them all in one place. Bliss Cafe is a raw vegan cafe, yoga meditation center, homeopathy clinic and much more, there where Shatimaya is running all the different courses on yoga & meditation, health & diet, cooking, etc, meeting patients at the homeopathy clinic and organizing many social events and parties in a sentient and spiritual environment.

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