According to the philosophy and science of yoga there are three forces functioning in the universe.
One is the sentient force or sattvic in sanskrit which is responsible for creativity, giving life and awareness. When this force is dominant in a person the person feels creative, alive, aware, sensible and conscious.
The other one is the mutative force or rajasic in sanskrit which is responsible for mutation. When this force is dominant in a person the person fees stimulated and hyper.
The last one is the static force or tamasic in sanskrit. This force brings staticity, lethargy, stagnation and death. When this force is dominant in a person the person feels lethargic, dull, clouded and heavy in mind and body.

Food according to its influence on us is categorized into those three categories, sentient/ sattvic food, mutative/ rajasic food and static/ tamasic food.

Sattvic (Sentient) food includes all grains, pulses and beans (except red lentils), all fruits, vegetables and roots (except white eggplants, violet-colored carrots, onion, garlic and mushrooms), all green and leafy vegetables (except mustard leaves), all nuts and seeds, and all milk and milk products (assuming they are organic and animals have been grown in very friendly and caring environment)

Rajasic (Mutative) food includes coffee, cocoa and tea which contains caffeine.

Tamasic (Static) food includes all kinds of meat, fish, eggs, onion, garlic, mushrooms, red lentils, white egg plant, mustard leaves, violet carrots, stale and rotten food and all type of intoxicants. Alcohol and cigarettes are Tamasic also in their effect on us.

The yogi diet is strictly and only the sentient sattvic diet,while one can still consume but with moderation a little from the mutative rajasic food. Static rajasic food should be discarded completely.

Facts about onion and garlic
1- acidic for stomach and can create ulcers
2- increase blood acidity
3- destroy both bad bacteria and good ones
4- affect the sensitivity of the taste buds decreasing the sense of taste
5- affect heat balance in the body creating imbalance in hormonal secretion
6- highly toxic for the brain and disturb the synchronization between the two hemispheres of the brain, disturbing concentration, increasing reaction time, decreasing sensitivity and greatly agitating the mind.
7- tamasic in nature.

Facts about mushroom
1- has no chlorophyll which is supposed to be present in vegetables
2- it is more of fungus nature growing on decaying matter
3- low in vital  force
4- tamasic in nature.

Facts about milk
Milk is sattvic by nature assuming that cows have not been fed with artificial or non-vegetarian food which is different from what they originally are supposed to eat, and assuming that cows have not been injected with hormones and antibiotics or other kinds of drugs.
Today there is much violence about the milk industry which can raise an ethical question about the consumption of milk. The same question might not arise in places where cows are treated so well and considered holy as in India.
Many yogis have considered milk as part of their diet when milk has been produced in very natural and friendly caring environment, and no doubts that milk has provided them with good nutrition.
As per the teachings of Rajadhiraja milk is consumed as part of the diet and it is sattvic, so there is no restriction about consuming milk, unless the milk has been manipulated with chemicals and unless the cows have not been treated well, which might be the case in many places today! So think about it and make your own choice conscientiously!

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